Androz 100 mg Erectile Dysfunction Natural Medication

In our online pharmacy you can buy generic Androz 100 at a price several times lower than the price of the pharmacy option “VIAGRA 100” from Pfizer.

Sildenafil (Sildenafil) — the most popular in the world and time-tested substance for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

An analogue of Viagra Androz 100 mg by AUROCHEM (India) is a modern copy of the innovative drug VIAGRA 100. Androz 100 mg has a similar composition of active ingredients, chemical formula and high efficiency of action as the original.

Features of the drug Androz 100 mg:

The name of the drug “Tadalista” is known around the world – it is an invisible assistant, filling a man with unusual strength!

The main task of the Generic is to get not only a stable erection when excited, but also for the duration of the drug to maintain the hardness of the penis.”Androz 100 mg” in the case of appointment as a specialist can act as an effective means to normalize libido. In some cases, the generic is prescribed as a component of a preventive course of treatment prescribed by the doctor for a quick cure for problems with potency.

After a short time after taking the Vidalista (after 30 minutes or more), relaxation of blood vessels will be performed, which is why the penis during excitation will receive a greater blood flow, ensuring improvement in the quality and number of copulations. Action Androz 100 lasts for 4-6 hours, then gradually goes down.

The reaction of the body occurs within half an hour;
Significantly increases the sensitivity Of your penis;
A radical change of erection for the better;
Due to the “healthy” erection increases the quality and number of coitus;
The drug does not cause allergic reactions and addiction;

Medicinal formula and composition:

Diamond-shaped, biconvex, blue tablets, film-coated, with rounded edges, engraved “100” on one side and “VIP” on the other side, respectively. One tablet of the drug “Androz 100 mg” contains 100 mg of highly active component sildenafil (Sildenafil). Basically, the drug is available in 10 tables. in blister (package / stick / platform).